How they deal with bicycle thieves in Guyana

Jul 18, 2010
I'm not smiling. No, really, I'm not. I just have a small touch of facial palsy, that's all. :)

Alleged bicycle thief shot by unlicenced businessman in Alberttown
April 4, 2018

Police are investigating a shooting incident which occurred during the wee hours of Wednesday morning at Third Street, Alberttown, Georgetown resulting in a 43-year-old man being injured by an unlicenced businessman.

The injured man has been identified as Vijay Singh of “no fixed place of abode.” He is presently being treated for his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Based on information received, the 49-year-old businessman was awake in his home, around 03:10hrs, browsing the internet when he heard a noise and, upon peering through a window he, observed Singh in his yard walking towards the front gate and pushing a bicycle.

As such, the businessman reportedly told police that he collected his unlicenced 9mm pistol and discharged a round at Singh, hitting him once to the right leg.

Law enforcement ranks were then summoned.

This publication was told that upon inspection, ranks observed that a storeroom was located at the western side of the yard, and it is suspected the Singh might have removed the bicycle- which was found next to him- from same. (Ramona Luthi)
Vijay Singh!
I always wondered what happened to him after winning the Masters in 2000.
Poor guy must have fallen on some hard times.
Guy should have pawned his green jacket before doing something so silly.

movingtarget said:
i wonder if bike riders carry guns in the USA ? Probably. Level playing field and all that.............
Back in 1992 I was training with the Canadian Olympic team ( I was not part of the team; I just tagged along) in Tuscon Arizona when someone in a pick-up truck suddenly swerved in front of the entire bunch and hit the brakes. That created the domino effect and several riders went down, myself included.
Once I got up to dust myself off, I was wondering why some of the fittest athletes in the world weren't confronting the driver. Then I saw that the guy--who was by himself in the middle of the desert-- had a huge rifle in his hands.
Scary ***.
Same year I was riding with a fellow in Atlanta when a driver almost killed us. I did the usual middle finger salute when my companion told me to cut it out. He said the driver might have a gun in hand.
That is when I decided I would never live in the U.S.
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