HR Concern

Nov 11, 2020
Hi everyone,

I recently bought myself a HR monitor and I am a bit concerned about the values that I am getting out. I am currently 18 years old and recently got back on the bike in April/May. I never really did any physical exercise for about 3 years.

I would say I am at OK fitness right now and the other day I did a 37 mile ride averaging 180w, pretty easy pace. I could talk to my mate the whole way round with no issues and averaged 165bpm. He on the other hand averaged 138bpm. We were both going the exact same pace and also were talking the whole way round and both seem very similar fitness.

I also did a 83 mile ride at similar pace on the weekend and averaged 174bpm.

I am quite concerned because this seems really high.

Anyone think it is something to be concerned about?

To mention as well, I am healthy, normal weight, no health issues
Heart reat is something very personal. I've had more then 2 hours at 180 bpms average and I'm still alive. My heart rate is higher then everyone I pedal with.

Another example: look at Froome's heart rate compared to Contador's. Froome has ~170bpms when he's at his maximum and Contador peaks at around 200.

If you want peace of mind just go to the doctor and ask for some tests.
Is your HR in the normal range when you are not exercising?
Do you feel dazed or lightheaded when you stop exercising?
Does your HR return to a normal range fairly soon after stop exercising?

Your exercise HR will depend on several factors -
Amount of energy being produced by your muscles.
Capacity of your circulating system to deliver the needed blood flow to the muscles.

A major effect of exercise is an increase of the capacity of your circulation system. So each heart beat causes more blood flow. And it can take quite a long time of regular training.