Iliac Arteries

Reading on the CN main site about Bib Jungles being the latest victim of Iliac Endofibrosis, it occurs to me that a) I wasn’t even sure where the iliac artery is, and b) it’s getting more and more common in the peloton, I wonder if there are preventative measures that riders should be taking.

The Iliacs do seem to be right in the position where most movement is happening on a bike, and I can imagine that if they’re in any way restricted, that pedaling along at 100+ rpm won’t make it better.

Is there a bike fit solution? A more open hip angle, or wider q-factor? Has anyone on this forum ever experienced it, or is it something that is almost unique to pro cyclists? Do I have it and is that why I’m so slow?
Dec 6, 2022
The Iliacs do appear to be in the area of the bike where the majority of movement takes place, so I can see how pedaling at a speed of more than 100 rpm wouldn't help if they were in any way constrained.

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