In other news, the sky is blue...

The Volta a Portugal, much as I love it, is not exactly known for its sterling reputation of anti-doping action.

Barbot-Siper's Joaquín Ortega, one of those Spaniards riding for Portuguese teams, won stage 6 of the 2010 Volta. He later tested positive for EPO (test dating a day before the start of the race).

You may recall that Eladio Jiménez, a Spaniard riding for a Portuguese team, won stage 6 of the 2009 Volta, and then later tested positive for EPO.

Still, this is the first doping case to be associated with the 2010 Volta, a huge improvement over last year, when three stages, two jerseys (including the overall) and the teams classification had to be re-classified.

Ortega's stage win, which he won by going solo from a breakaway group with several kilometres to go, will be re-allocated to LA-Paredes Rota dos Móveis' José João Mendes, who nearly caught the Spaniard in the closing kilometres. Mendes had signed for the new Liberty Seguros lineup before its collapse, and will ride for Polish ProContinental lineup CCC Polsat-Polkowice in 2011.
Apr 13, 2010
Clearly a conspiracy... Both were stage 6. Must be because Armstrong won 7 Tours, which is more than six... Ok, I'll go away now...