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Isaac Del Toro thread

Stunning performance. I thought he'd be more of a traditional super climber but he looked a lot like Pogacar today. Actually, Pog was fairly anonymous in 2019 when he started his pro career here.

As noted by the commentary team. It was Pogacar-esque in its bravado for sure. But it's a bit early for us to be thinking that he has the same talent. I had Pog in my CQ team when he won the Algarve, and it was the ITT where he really showed what he was made of. No idea what Del Toro's TT is like.
I've never seen someone reminding me so much of Pogacar. The very style of his attack, the way his shoulders bounced left and right, it's almost a copy. Also great to see a young talent coming from a massive, until now not so cycling prone country. Mexican fans can be very passionate, and that could be a additional benefit from this lad entertaining us all.
Great win for the kid.
For the non-spanish users, Toro means Bull.

So what happened is that new technologies and scouting methods allowed young generational talents to surface more quickly, but at the same time they are being hoarded by all the same teams which is paradoxically detrimental to the very same riders development.

I think this is creating a bottleneck effect. At this year Tour UAE has four riders that can win a GT. In any other average team they would be leaders.
Nice to see a rider thread before it is largely populated by diatribe between fanboys and haters (which is why I for the most part do not browse rider and team threads)
Yeah I was thinking about this when reading the Ujtdtebroeks thread a couple of days ago.
It has deteriorated rather quickly.

Let's keep this thread a healthy place for as long as we can.
In that dynamic, the haters are rarely those who show up first or throw the first punch.
So fanboys are the ones throwing the first punch. At whom would they be throwing this punch then, since there are no haters present (yet)? Imaginary haters? Silent haters? Peaceful-hippie-haters? Or do you mean that simply the existence of fanboys is considered an offence in itself to (yet-to-develop/potential) haters, so they will perceive a rider actually having fans/fanboys to begin with, as a first punch in their direction? A bit like the Simpsons episode where Lisa discovers the smell of nerds is actually what sets off bullies to start bullying. Sensing the presence of fanboys praising their idol is enough fuel for non-fanboys to be considered under attack, and the need to "set things straight" and develop into full-fledged haters from there on out? Something like that?

I remember a time when the Evenepoel, topic was a place where information about the rider was shared and discussed in a normal fashion, simply with people in awe of some of the things he did, others showing interest and wanting to find out more. A lot of news articles being posted (this was a time he was simply a phenomenon in the junior ranks, not a cycling star in the WT, so most articles were in Dutch and not much was found in other media). I can't for the life of me remember "fanboys" attacking non-existent/non-present (as to your proposition) haters a priori. What i do remember is people who started becoming defensive and felt the need to have the fanboys "tone it down a notch". I remember one guy, Der Effe, who pioneered (sorry Netserk) the anti-Evenepoel movement with such conviction that led him to make the following prediction about junior rider Evenepoel in 2018: "Will be a good laugh in a couple of years, after his fading into anomynity". A good laugh was had by all indeed. And not just due his typo. And you will need to forgive fans and fanboys to react to post(er)s like that. They simply are an open invitation.

As to your initial remark, it is obviously false. But i will say this, that after the first few non-silent, non-imaginary, non-peaceful-hippie haters have pooped the party, that neutral posters who voice concerns or offer a critical view, are then often too quickly labelled as haters. That much is true.