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Strong and ambitious performance by the young man. He showed he's really worthy of the pink jersey. In the 3rd week he may well lose his lead but who knows if the 3rd week will be fully raced?
IF he gets left on the coming big climbs...he will be top 5-10. However, if he can limit any losses (today hurt) I think he can qin the ITT and the Giro. But, both him and his team have to go into the big climbs with the knowledge that Wilco appears stronger in the climbs (as we assumed). Meaning they have to ride perfect for him and protect him. If he had a teammate like Froome had Porte...he might just have been able to hang on today and only lose say 10-15sec unlike today.
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Have to say DQS going in the GC direction is the best thing that can happen to GTs. I'm fed up with people saving energy. Spend it like there's no tomorrow, guys...

I guess you draft alone in separate ways
You don't have all that far to go...
You were born to be just losers...
So I guess there's a limit on how far you go
But you only have a few more days together so
Please ride like there is no tomorrow
Hold on to your bike, tell us you mean it
These are your last kilometers and very soon it will be over
But today just ride like there is no tomorrow
Tomorrow god knows just where you'll be
Tomorrow who knows just what's in store for thee
Anything can happen but you only have one more day together, yeah
Just one more day forever, so
Ride it like there's no tomorrow

Okay, need to make amends, maybe he's not even a loser.
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