João Almeida - The portuguese wolf

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Is there anyone else who wollows this guys whereabouts on Facebook? Today he's using a beat made by a music group that sells beats to people for them to create their own music.

Maybe people use those beats just to set moods on social media. It would be surprising was he writing music on his rest days :eek: :D (In the old video below he talked about how he as a kid danced folk dance and was good at music classes etc)
He said he's a bit face-blind... and both are good looking young men, eh, I mean young men in black adidas t-shirts.
But but I do not think Pogacar is particularly good looking. (Am I allowed to say that? :tearsofjoy:)

Seems I wasn't here when the thread was being shut down so now I never know what I cannot say ;)

But the reason I think they look alike is in expression, not in features. I have noticed it before in their type of combination of "awkwardness" and "arrogance". Like I would look at them and not know whether they're shy or cocky. Might be both. Might just be a language issue. I don't know. But I find it awkward :D
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