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Jonas Vingegaard Rasmussen, the new alpha mutant

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This tour hasn’t been extraterrestrial yet. After 13 stages including one major shakedown, he’s had one impressive stage and was still only a bit ahead of the rest. For coming off the Tour and no altitude camp or rigorous training OTOH, that’s pretty impressive.
I don't know the stage design of that day, but one thing I can imagine is no team actually going hard enough on the easy part of Angliru, but that's about it.

Vingo would need his TdF form to get anywhere close to Heras' record (plus obvious strong pacing in the first part of Angliru). We are talking about one of the best climbers of the EPO era. He's strong but not necessarily as good as at the Tour (well, we will see tomorrow!)
The 2000 stage was longer and had two small KOM climbs before the climbs they do tomorrow.

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2000 isn't that much on a 13 minute climb these days either. Besides flatter doesn't mean flat, so on a brief 4% you lose far less VAM than on a real flat section.

Yup, 2000 m/h isn't super impressive but still better than 1900 m/h. The Vuelta level isn't Tour level, that's for sure. I think Vinge and Pog in Tour form would be minutes ahead of the rest (at least before Pog's collapse).
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He surely does justify the thread title. As a stage racer and climber, only Pantani has been more ridiculous than he.
The main reason I don't like him is he was a nobody with an unremarkable palmeres before July 2021. His main claim to fame was a MTF win in the Tour of Poland - but nothing to suggest what we have seen since July 2021.

I noticed in Wiki the comment "When he became a senior rider, he initially struggled and performed poorly in races". He was 18 then. If this is true, I don't see how any athlete with a claimed 103 Vo2 Max (one explanation provided for his TdF TT) would have performed "poorly"?

Jumbo's PR team have managed the fallout of a nobody pushing Pogacar in the 2021 TdF. Now that danger period of suspicion has passed it seems they are upping the ante. Riders like Roglic and now Kuss are being tossed aside as cannon fodder for a super responding beast. Yes I know the Vuelta's level is lower than the Tour but ....

JV should aim for the impossible next year: The Giro Tour double. That would at least give us something to hope for (that he might actually collapse).

Vingegaard's answer to the last question (regarding the sporting aspect of his victory), verbatim:

"Ja, men øh, jeg tror i dag var - jeg vil nærmest sige jeg var tilbage på mit Tour de France-niveau, og øh hvis ikke bedre, øh ja. Jeg var flyvende til sidst, og selvfølgelig er jeg virkelig glad for min sejr i dag, men øh der er noget jeg er endnu mere glad for lige nu."

~"Well, I think today I was at my Tour de France level, if not even better. I was flying in the end, and of course I'm really happy about the victory, but there's something that makes me even happier right now." [He's happier that Van Hooydonck is well]

He's only getting stronger! Just imaging how frightening he will be when he rides all three GTs in the same season to build moar base.
Should go to the giro if the tour has an easy first week tbh, if there are mountains though probably not a good idea riding his 2nd against a fresh Pogacar if he takes a bit to get going.
Nah, this Vingegaard would be smoked by Pogacar in the Tour. But for some reason, if Pogacar decides to do the Giro, Vingegaard should do too. If he manages to win the Giro, I think he can do the double. Right now, Vingegaard is the one who can do the legendary Giro-Tour double.
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