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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard: The Butterfly Effect

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The thing with Vingegaard is he’s never lost the Tour as team leader. It’s the expectation that he wins. Sure he could go in saying no pressure, but the pressure is implicit. I respect whatever call they make about him.

They’ve already said he’s only racing if 100%, so going back and saying “nah he was only 90% but we put him in anyway” once he has a bad stage is a bad look, hypocritical.

I’m not even a Vingegaard fan but this crash is starting to convert me.

His injuries are far worse than a broken wrist. If he goes and wins, that would make him a true beast.
Jonas would get crushed on a TT like this by pogacar/ganna etc. He dont have the strenght/power in this type terain to be close even, he would stand no chance. This isnt a TT where pogacar ride hurt and in pain or where the entire TT is 60-70% downhill or uphill in 3 week more importantly, there he is fabelous!! This is something entirely different surely thats basic stuff. More like Vuelta last year, he there lost 1.17 in 25km. Or every other TT which is 90%flat, Remco and Roglic is also much better then Jonas on a TT like that, this have been the case entire career and everytime weve seen, so hes not even the closest.

3 week TT is different cause its not about tt so much then as it is how fresh you are, there he is stellar, especially if its uphill hes the only one close to Pogacar there.

Also I talked to Jonas a day ago and I wouldnt get my hopes up to much regarding the tour if your a fan, I dont think hes going if things dont drastically change fast, ill just leave it with that. The pneumothorax is a worrie for them. Which sucks if it is the case, hes a good lad would be awesome to have him in the tour.
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Running into pro riders on the road makes me realise cycling is the sport that's closest to Pokémon Go that you can just mind your own business but run into legendaries if you're in the right location

I only run into Mathias Norsgaard and Sebastian Changizi from time to time... I should use Fly to get somewhere more interesting.

Guys... don't run into people, that's rude.

I might get passed by someone at some point, but not like I'd actually... interrupt them to talk.
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What risk?

Nobody is talking about racing Vingegaard when he's not healthy

You just try the Tour, if it doesn't work, you ride it in service of the Vuelta later

I don't think they are taking risks. He is not in Sierra nevada for some reason.

It's my prejudices against TdF I guess. It's not a chillout race no matter who you are and especially not if you're Jonas on a recovery ride. Both the risk of going down and running into vampires.

Edit: I was too tired when I wrote to even explain I'm not talking about vampires but "energy vampires", such as the media. I'm not making yet another Cofidis joke (even if I think they're really funny as I'm a kid)
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Today, 13 May 2024
Watch the moment when Vingegaard surprises a journalist
TV MIDTVEST (Local TV in Jutland - Denmark) and he greeted Jonas Vingegaard on one of his training trips.
(There are English subtitles - they are very small and can be read under the Danish ones)
Summing up the level of someone’s physical status as follows: “he can carry out normal daily activities: walking around, changing clothes, moving his arm” just 6 weeks prior the start of a GT is hardly ideal. I don’t know what’s possible from him but it’s difficult to understand why some folks say he’ll be ready for the Tour, no problem.

ed. Better sentence would be “difficult to understand why some folks think it will be no problem for him to be ready for the Tour.”
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I just read in local media that Plugge said if Jonas won't be 100% then he won't defend his Tour tittle and if recovered then van Aert will be Vismas plan A.
If they are even considering Wout for plan A they have to have him in full preparation for that now. More weight reduction and pure climbing work than even his usual domestique years. It would be interesting to see him go for GC just to see what actually happens, but wouldn’t Kuss be their first man after Vingegaard?