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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard: The Butterfly Effect

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He's riding around very public roads in Mallorca on the softest climbs getting photographed by everyone... at a time when Visma announced a new Danish sponsor will be on their jersey in the TdF as well.

I mean I don't want to sound cynical here because certainly the rider will be doing everything he can to get into shape (& that deserves total respect, obviously) but IMO there's quite a bit of public relations fluff going on with the Vingegaard situation.

It's just over 5 weeks until the TdF. The clock is ticking.

The goal is to get back into reasonable shape first. Then they will make precise plans. The Tour looks more like a PR stunt to me. Vuelta is more realistic. They probably won't announce his next goal until mid June.
This looks like some old photo of Jonas (probably AI generated) or simply a new model activated!

Much more likely, as i don't know on why would Jonas now all of the sudden become a party animal.

This is just a double of Jonas. The real Jonas is on area 51, updating is software to beat everyone in the Tour including doing a stomp on Roglic!

The double of original Jonas or the new updated one? As for that last remark, there we really started to go in sci-fi territory.
New Jonas photo just dropped!!!

Let me guess, you took your own photo and had put Jonas head on it? Otherwise i don't get it. Just today i have seen a similar attempt on where Remco has put Pogi head on his body.

It's Kate Middleton's famous photoshopped mother's day pic.

BTW back on topic, Wout van Aert says the Olympics are a more realistic goal for himself than the Tour:

He says things only came around for him a couple of weeks ago & notes the difference between riding a bike & actually training.

It makes me think Vingegaard's presence at the TdF (certainly in competitive form) is a bit utopian at this point, irrespective of all the photos & videos of him riding in Mallorca.