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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard thread: Mountain Sprinter

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I thought he had a thread already, but that was apparently not the case. But now he has one, and I think it's well deserved.
Here are some facts about him:

He became a WT rider after Jumbo learned about his record ascent time on the Coll de Rates in 2018
He has two pro wins, both coming from WT races: Stage 6 of the 2019 Tour of Poland and stage 5 of the 2020 UAE Tour
He turns 25 in December
He became a father for the first time in 2020
He showed impressive climbing abilities during the Vuelta last year, especially on the Angliru stage
His mother in law was a contestant on the Danish version of The Great British Bake Off
He doesn't have a German Wiki page yet He has one now
He is not Chris Harper

Can he become the next big JV GT GC rider? Will he evolve into a reliable super-domestique? Will Carlton Kirby ever be able to recognise him?

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His mother in law was a contestant on the Danish version of The Great British Bake Off
The Great Danish Bake Off?

Whatever the case with him being Jonas Vingegaard or Chris Harper, Jumbo Visma have packed themselves full with climbing talent over the past few years, and looking at race results like the Ronde de l'Isard last year, then the development up through the U23 team is going to continue.
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There might actually be a reason for his weird celebration.

Dansk talent med særligt hjerte sprænger testrekorder - TV 2

Article's in Danish - as you might've figured - so I'm gonna run the main parts through Google translate.

Danish talent with a special heart breaks test records

21-year-old Jonas Vingegaard rides around Thy with a physique, many cyclists have good reason to envy.

- He simply has a pump and heart that is in a class of its own.

This is the assessment from Lars Johansen, who is a sports physiologist at Team Denmark. He is deeply impressed with the cycling talent Jonas Vingegaard, who has delivered a test result that Danish experts have not seen before.

- His is clearly free of the average of Danish, male cyclists. He has a plus maybe 15 percent and that is marked.

In other words, Jonas Vingegaard is a name worth noting. The 21-year-old North Jutlander is blessed with optimal physique and an extraordinary talent for cycling.

(The article is from 2018)
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