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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard thread: Mountain Sprinter

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  • The Chicken who eats Riis for breakfast

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  • When they go low, Vingo high

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  • Wings of Love

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  • The Fishman Cometh

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  • The Mysterious Vingegaard Society

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  • Vingo Star

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  • The Jonas Vingegaard Discussion Thread

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  • Vingegaard vs Roglič

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This gives me Froome and Contador vibes with Froome saying he was out riding and putting the hard miles in while Contador was having fun with his coffee stops.
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86 days before the Tour: Crash, broken ribs and punctured lung, hospitalisation in ICU.
74 days before the Tour: Leaves hospital.
61 days before the Tour: First day on a home-trainer.
53 days before the Tour: First day training outside in Denmark.
41 days before the Tour: First day training in Mallorca.
34 days before the Tour: First day training in the French Alps near Annecy.
32 days before the Tour: Altitude training in Tignes.
9 days before the Tour: Participation in the Tour has been announced.
5 days before the Tour: Altitude training in Tignes done.
0 days: starts the tour and proceeds to sit on Wonder boy's wheel for two weeks, annoying the hell out of him.