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Teams & Riders Julian Alaphilippe Discussion Thread

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He said he should have waited and raced the ardennes classics instead. I find it very odd that he would not think that in the first place. He should have won Amstel in 2019 (even if the course is not perfect for him), fleche used to be his race etc etc. These races fit him better.

It really must have been that, even if he and remco get along, that he didn't see enough chances for himself where remco is riding.

What a waste. Let's hope that fracture is healed when the Giro arrives.
He is clearly past his absolute peak ... and he has young hungry young dudes to contend with now ... the Morgado/Del Toro generation. But I think he's still capable of solid results. But the Wolfpack do seem to have lost their way all round. Perhaps having such a focus upon Evenepoel (no criticism there) has its unintended consequences.
The meandering focus of the Pack was an inevitable outcome trying on the GT mantle. They couldn't build a team all at once and Remco hadn't delivered in the terrain that would secure a GT for them. They still need results and here we are....kinda broken on both ends.