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Teams & Riders Julian Alaphilippe Discussion Thread

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After a difficult period of over two years the best French cyclist of this century hits back with an impressive stage win in the Giro.

In 2018-2021 he was one of the best riders in the world, but the tide turned in 2022. His crash in LBL was the beginning of a long period of struggle, with many crashes, health issues, motivational problems, clashes with his manager and doubts about his future.

He showed signs of good will, with a stage win in the Dauphiné last year and several attempts in other races. Crashes and physical problems kept him from having a good spring. After his second place last week he grabbed his chance in the stage that suited him best: the one with the muritos. Instead of waiting for a confrontation in the final he attacked early and fought until the end. Rewarded at last! He'll probably enjoy this one more than some of his bigger wins in the past.
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