Kabush takes his 1st World Cup

Mar 5, 2009
I read your post before I saw the news report. At first, I thought - great for Kabush but man, the Euro's must have not come over for the race. But look at the results. Sauser was there, Hermida, Naef, Absalon. Good on Kabush. He's a class act, a really good-natured guy to talk to, has a hell of a sense of humour and is an old-school rouler on the MTB. He deserved this success and I hope it is just the beginning of many, many more.

Go Deener :D
Jun 23, 2009
I was looking for info all last night as I heard Kabush got the win but I had to wait until this morning to actually find a readable report with details. Congrats to him, this is awesome and I am glad that is happened with a strong field in the mix.

There were some strong guys who had mechanical issues but by all accounts Kabush was riding at the front end before the bad luck started for the other guys.

How about Hermida's last lap....damn! I wish I could find posted lap times.