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Basically comes just after Omloop, with mostly the same protagonists. In the past even sprinters could win, bu usually it's the stong riders.
So it's a double weekend for Wout and company.

Notable mentions: Wout, Philipsen, De Lie, Mohoric, Laporte, Benoot, Demare, Kristoff, Wellens, Trentin


Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN alternative.


Full startlist (not yet final):

Correct, they make a big detour through Wallonia directly after Kluisberg for no apparent reason. Will be a big help to the sprinters in editions to come if it stays that way, but between the weather and Jumbo they should get away with it this time.

The detour would have made more sense if they included this cobbled section north-west of Celles.