La Course : VeloKyniska Tipping Comp

Mar 13, 2009
La Course,
Sunday 27/7/14.

Women's Race on the Champs Elysées, as per the final stage in the TDF.
13 laps (6.85km per lap) total of 89km.
Race starts at 12:50pm French time on Sunday the 27th July.

Select 8 riders with a total value of no more than 100 credits.
Points are awarded for the first 5 of the first 11 laps (as per sprint comp), Points for the top 20 overall race result and also the top 3 young rider race result and top 3 in the sprint jersey comp.

Since this is a one day race I've kept rider values low so you'll be able to select quite a few top line riders and with points available for the top 5 per lap it opens it up to a fair bit of chance for riders a few extra points

Registration is open so get your teams in.

No Prizes.

Check your team prior to race start for any rider changes (if any).
Rider substitutions are made in the event of late withdrawals, the incoming rider will take their place in any team.


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