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LA Foundation???

May 26, 2010
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what does this do?

I mean he travels to meet victims of cancer, gives them the positive message that he can beat it so can you little buddy....but do they fund peoples treatment, buy a whole load of hardware for a whole load of hospitals or is it all tokenism while raking in the $$$$$$$..????

the whole issue of LA for me has been that he appears to have gotten incredibly greedy and bigheaded, ie to big for his own boots and that in my opinion is what contributes to a lot of people being anti-LA, which again in my opinion is justified. Lots have been to the top of the TdF, took the pplaudits and went back to their respective villages and towns and opened bikes hops restaurants and lived off it locally for years, others became DS, others worked for ASO, commentators etc.....LA has taken this and turned it into a brand that on the outside appears like Billy Graham, why on the inside it is the heady days of Rome at the height of the Roman empire.....

another thing that got me is the 'code of silence' in the peleton....'spitting in the soup', i mean if LA held back bonuses cos guys switched teams, is he not breaking the 'code'....i wonder in FL's telling the truth about his TdF result and that LA got the IOC to 'fix' it as LA wanted to be the last american to win and couldn't hack his name being super-ceded by another one with as interesting a story, ex mennonite farm boy reaches absolute pinnacle???

far fetched, but so is a lot of **** before FL spoke....

LA basically a mafia boss.....

i'm with Adam Meyerson on this..."burn it down" and lets all be there to watch it...

Ps first post so a lot in there...if a mod wants to edit, fire away.
Aug 4, 2009
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We need to take a step back and let the FBI investigate fraud claims then see who is charged if anyone.

They are showing enough interest so see what happens. we cant judge with what little information we have.