"la grande boucle"

Mar 13, 2009
The love of the Tour comes to the big screen! On June 12th the French movie "La grande boucle" will be released. François is a fanatic of the Tour. Sacked by his employer and left by his wife, he decides to ride the "Grande Boucle" one day ahead of the professionals. First by himself, but soon joined by others, inspired by his challenge. There are many obstacles but the rumours of his endeveour spread rapidly. Soon the media gets on board, the spectators go wild. The maillot jaune of the Tour is furious. François must be stopped!


This looks to me like the biggest fictional cycling/Tour de France movie ever made. The teams are fictional but the whole decor looks very authentic. I wonder whether they will do the same route as the Tour does this year? It would be a great promotion for the race, anyways. I don't know how good the movie will end up being, i.e. will it be funny, corny, cheesy... but as I said to me it looks like the biggest cycling movie ever made and that alone is really exciting!

I will definitely go see it!

/edit: if you compare the map at 0:43 with the real map of this year's tour, you will find it is not the same