La Route d'Occitanie 2021 (June 10-13)

It's a very busy week with four stage races going on at the same time, but this still deserves attention.


Stage 1: Cazouls-lès-Béziers - Lacaune-les-Bains, 156.5k
The kind of Massif Central stage that isn't hard enough for the climbers. Maybe FDJ will try to control this for Démare; if not, we may get a scenario like 2017 where the breakaway gets handed a lot of time and it ends up deciding the GC.

Col de Fontfroide:

Final 15k, not the most sprinter-friendly but also not steep:

Stage 2: Villefranche-de-Rouergue - Auch, 198.7k
The flattest stage of the bunch. However, the final kilometer features quite a few tight curves with the final 600 meters at roughly 6%, including a section of 140 meters at 10% that comes from 400 until 260 meters to go. I believe it's a repeat of this stage in the 2015 edition, won by Steven Tronet.

Stage 3: Pierrefitte-Nestalas - Le Mourtis, 191.8k
Queen stage that's all about the easier (but still pretty difficult) side of Mourtis (which is basically Col de Menté with an extra ramp at the end). The GC battle won't end here, though.

Col du Tourmalet:

Côte de Mauvezin:

Col de Larrieu (final 3.4k only):

Le Mourtis:

Stage 4: Lavelanet - Pays d'Olmes - Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, 151.2k
Unusually for this race, the final stage is also an MTF. The only downside is that it's a garage ramp.

Col de Montségur:

Col du Linas:

Grau de Maury sous Quéribus:

Château de Peyrepertuse (minus the final dark red ramp):
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Oct 25, 2020
Wow... Would love if the Tour de France could use finishes like this.... or some of the uphill finishes from Paris Nice or Mont Faron... very interesting race
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Live coverage here:

Though, I dunno if the feed will just start, or you'll have to do something...
Why do Trek start with such small teams nowadays? Is it about the covid-bubbles?
It's harder to sub guys in at short notice at the moment with less flights etc. if someone is sick.
Plus they're running triple-program with Suisse/Occitanie/Belgium so perhaps less options available if someone does drop out pre-race.

This race design was absolutely great around 10 years ago but then has started to become worse every year.
This is the one that sticks in my mind:
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This is the one that sticks in my mind:
IMHO the best stage was the 2008 one with the Tourmalet at the start and a finish sequence of Val Louron, Peyresourde and Superbagneres (i always wonder if we'll ever see again Superbagneres in a race...).