Laporte Discussion Thread - The Greatest?

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It's quite strange to think just how much better a rider Laporte is than Sagan at the moment when you see how this thread started.
TBH, I think I was not the only one who expected Sagan to decline by his early thirties. His eccentric personality + the fact he was so good already so early in his career made me think he would experience some kind of a burnout at some point and it looks like he did.
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It would say that part of it is because the weight of expectation and the jostling for the top dog position with Bouhanni caused his career results to flounder earlier. Now at JV there is no pressure as, if he is not able to deliver, somebody else will
I've just realised that I had always read the thread title wrong. I thought it was meant to suggest that Laporte is the greatest, while, in fact, it's the discussion thread that's the greatest of all threads.

Am I right?
We ought to have a "first post/last post" thread aggregator to see how things played out. In this case Laporte may very well have the last laugh.

On a serious note, when Laporte wins it looks like it's really easy for him. When he's on a good day he just sort of glides around and winds up on the sharp end.