Laszlo Bodrogi turned French?


Kazistuta said:
There must be something I missed...when did Laszlo Bodrogi turn French instead of Hungarian?

Bodrogi's link with France go back about 20 years. His father, a medical doctor, moved to France with his family and Bodrogi joined French clubs in Besançon first, then raced with the CC Etupes, one of the really big French amateur teams.

In 1996 I was biking around the world championship course in Lugano and started talking with a young cyclist on the day of the amateur championship. It was Bodrogi and he told me about himself and his background, in French of course, my Hungarian is worse than my Hopi : hopeless.

Anyway, I also happened to be in the same hotel as the US team and in the elevator I asked this young guy whose face was vaguely familiar if he had read the article by Sam Abt in The Herald Tribune of that day: yes he had as the nice article was about him, Bobby Julich:)