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Le Samyn 2024, February 27, 204.3 km (1.1)

Similar route as last year, it's a bit shorter in the first part yet they reuse the same profile from last year's race:






Départ Fictif: 12:15
Départ Réel: 12:25
Broadcast: 13:55 (last ~140 km)

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Why is Turgis still at Total then? Could've been a useful signing for AG2R!
1) he wasn't out of contract
2) when the WCs were handed out, most teams were already full

Still, no Total in Sanremo, a race where Turgis has been top-10 three years in a row now including a second place, is ludicrous. Yet some people will tell you that having three, rather than two, lineups full of Italian pack fodder is more important.