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Le Samyn des Dames 2024, February 27, 114.8 km (1.1)

Again, they don't have profiles of this year's edition, but they have added an extra lap of the local circuit!

One more lap of the circuit than showed





Départ Fictif: 11:15
Départ Réel: 11:20
Broadcast: 13:35 (last lap, maybe a bit more)

We could have covered this race in the lesser known races thread. It's on early on a weekday so it probably won't lead to a lot of comments. However it's my fault for not making that Belgian Bonanza thread like last year.

I hope we'll get to see how well the Barbieri/Kool duo can work for DSM. Norsgaard is usually strong in this final, the same goes for Guazzini, Schweinberger looked alright yesterday, and Consonni and Confalonieri will probably be up there, too. If Rüegg has her legs from Spain, she'll have a chance as well.

EF is without Faulkner, so a long solo should be less likely for this race, unless Brown has returned to Europe in good shape.
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Lol, the guy standing after the last cobbled section with tires. Let's say you have a flat tire, in what world will you be able to switch your tire, and get back to the peloton to fight for a win in 2km's.
You know it's a circuit race, right? If you get a flat on the last section in the penultimate lap, you're really grateful for having the guy there. And there's not much point in having him leave for the final lap...