League of Legends

Anyone playing this game? I just reached Diamond for the 3rd straight year and is planning on moving up for the first time really since I got Diamond in the offseason both times the other times. I think my ceiling is around Dia 3, but who knows. Thanks to the new Champion Select I think my chances are higher than previous seasons since I only play solo lanes and getting the other roles hampered me pretty much of climbing more.

If anyone is interested in playing or whatever, I play on EuW. My name is dirty nunu main and I am a one trick Akali pony.
Nov 29, 2019
You know, I still play in this game and I am very glad that it gives me such thing like evening pleasure and this is what I really prefer to expect from each evening :) However, I see that with regular updates the developers give us much difficult game then I expected. It is not so good as I expect to see in the future, but I decided to find a boost that can help me with it. So, searching on Google, led me to elo boosters that helped me to achieve such thing like quick lvl boost and not expensive price.
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