Lefevere Got a Lawyer!!

Even though I think he's fundamentally right, this is not good for the sport. They should tackle problems before they arise, not afterwards. Organise yourselves and make sure the rules are cristal clear. I've seen so many angry tweets of riders yesterday. Surely there is some momentum to agree to a charter of sorts (under which conditions do we not race?).
Sep 8, 2009
Der Effe said:
Even when Lefevre is right, he manages to come across like a total moron.
true. organizers fault but that's it, people make sometimes mistakes.

now to be completely honest, a leader of the race with instincts of a champion, ruthless, alpha male, mobster like hinault or armstrong for instance would never let his guard down like uran did.

well at least everyone will learn something from this.
SafeBet said:
Why would Velo lie?
It's of course true, there are even pictures of Quintana and Rolland after overtaking the Moto.
Even if this happened, even if what happened was wrong doing, they should've stopped Quintana, Rolland & co. during the stage.
Talking about it right now is just PR bull****.

Let the race be.
whining whining Lefevre....

instead of suing Uran for not following Quintana on the descent ;)

what will he achieve with his case : he has to prove that a mistake was made and there's a connection with the loss of the pink jersey and this mistake

BUT we don't know how the stage might have ended otherwise, it's to simple to just say, he lost 2 minutes due to the race organisation so if we don't take this in account, Uran would still be leading the race. This is not sure since we don't know how the race could have been otherwise.

Quintana might even have taken more time, one just doesn't know.

At the best, Lefevre can claim "loss of a chance" but how big or small was this chance. Not to be estimated so I guess 1 € for moral prejudice :D
Lexman said:
what will he achieve with his case...
What case?
It's not because you hire a lawyer that he will lay down a case at some random court. Maybe said lawyer will just say that it's almost impossible to lay down a case that any court will accept.

But the organisation did make a mistake off course.
Apr 12, 2009
What he wants to achieve I guess, it that the gap Quintana had at the end of stelvio descent will be retracted from his time.
Jun 24, 2013
Everyone knows the organisers were wrong, but Lefevre is acting as if this was a personal attack towards him. Can't stand this guy, also how he talks about his riders as money:

"I pay the riders, not him and I had a few million Euros riding around and they give us ****, 60,000 to ride the race. We put a lot into riding that race.”
(from the cyclingnews frontpage)

And talking about De Gendt: Of hij voldoet? Hij voldoet toch aan zijn salaris. En het seizoen is nog niet voorbij."
(roughly translated "Is he good enough? He's good enough for what I pay him.")

I don't know what having a lawyer here is going to change for the riders, it can only benefit him if he makes money off this scandal.
Say what you will of Lefevre (I dislike him too), he does have a point. Sure, Movistar, Garmin and Europcar can claim they didn't hear or understand the race radio, that doesn't take away from the fact that Quintana gained an unfair advantage by ignoring the neutralization.
Jan 29, 2014
If it is the case that Quintana (& Rolland for that matter) deliberately passed the official moto displaying a flag, surely there must be a sanction against them. Riders have been DQ'd for less. I'd hate to see the race decided in a courtroom.
Apr 12, 2009
De Snelle Duif said:
Can't stand this guy, also how he talks about his riders as money:
I don't like Lefevere, but you can't blame a manager of thinking in monetary terms. Return on investment is all what counts, that's his job.