Lesser Known Race Results 2019

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That Switzerland team in Toscana packs some ridiculous talent. Bissegger is emerging as a future star and maybe more importantly, Alexandre Balmer is back on the road after his focus on the MTB. He'll be riding for FDJ's development team next year. His goal is and will always be Paris 2024 on the MTB, but it's good to see him picking up more road races. That kid is special as well.
And I'm a little confused about the schedule; there's a rest-day today?
And another one on Friday.

Crazy transfers: 760 km between end of stage 1 and beginning of stage 2, and 730 from end of st 2 to start line for st3

2.6.012 In events with more than 10 days of competition, at least one rest day must be allowed for and fall after at least 5 days of racing.
In the major tours two rest days are obligatory and must be distributed evenly.
Unless the UCI makes a derogation to that effect, a transfer cannot be considered as a rest day.
UCI can't be bothered to even pretend to apply their own rules when someone shakes a chequebook in their general direction.
They have rest day/s in Tour of China part 2 because Part one runs directly on to part 2 - It's in effect one long race split into two parts.
But Tour of China 1 itself has 2 rest days in a 6 stage race.

Neither format is "normal", and I do not believe that any proposal for either format in Europe would be remotely acceptable.

Even if they are treated as "one long race", that is 2 prologue length ITTs and 9 road stages of average length 122km across 16 days: 5 rest days if you want to consider it one race.

There aren't many stage races more than a week, other than GTs, but compare that with Volta a Portugal , which shares 2.1 status: it also has 9 road stages, but at an average of 166, and its 2 time trials totalling very nearly twice the distance of the Chinese combination, with one rest day.
Or China's Qinghai Lake race: 11 road stages (averaging 141km) and 2 ITTs with total length more than six times that of this pairing, with one rest day.

Transfers of 1400km and more in a one week race would not be accepted in any other race proposal: does anyone believe that there is any reason other than finance that it is permitted here?
Bad performance by Bettiol, cramping with 17km to go in a 196km race. I doubt Cassani needs him in this form in the WCRR.
Bettiol is a strange rider. He was cramping during Strade Bianche too and then was extremely good in TA a week later. I'm not saying Cassani should take him to Harrogate no matter what but I'd wait until Saturday to make a final decision.
Neilands wins Wallonie, after a pretty cool attack.
Close sprint for second between Jasper and Jasper. (Stuyven and de Buyst)
It was indeed a great attack. He dangled off the front for the last what, 20 kms, with a short, steep cobbled finish? The field dithered a bit figuring they had plenty of space/time to pull him back and he just dieseled on. He was at 9 seconds for the last 2 kms...