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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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About time Roseman-Gannon got a win, because she should have won race in Europe in the last two years. What an amazing ride by Paternoster who only lost 10s after her puncture with 3.5kms to go.

absolutely especially as Eline Jansen was in that front finisher group and was only 3 seconds behind her in GC. and Lizzie D & Guilman were ahead of her too in road position terms. The next group on the road were 6 and half mins down, so she clearly rode hard to catch up with that front group again and try to not lose as much time as she could, when she could easily have just gone well thats it and rolled to the line.
If the UCI had any balls they would ban Kopecky for that. That looked more like race fixing than anything else.

well all gifted wins are fixed, it just looked worse than most because either Marjerus was asleep on that final corner, or Kopecky took it way quicker than she should have and it created too much of a gap and then Kopecky isnt leading out anybody, doesnt really then know what to do as her instinct is still really push for the line and she could still have easily won that stage then just by carrying her momemtum, but actually is just left as a spectator for the rest of it.

and it made no sense why Wiebes just followed Marjerus wheel either, what was the point in that ? she was over a minute + down on the next place on GC, Henderson needed more than 17 seconds to challenge for the overall GC, were they hoping everyone would be fooled into following Wiebes wheel to leave Marjerus free?

yet Wiebes is then not blocking the gaps the others like Ruby could then use

then the whole celebrating early stuff, tbh I think Ruby had her beat regardless at that point, you dont win by half a wheel just on a throw to the line, and it just makes it look even stupider of SD Worx, especially as theyve done this already this frikkin season.

Kopeckys immediate reaction as they crossed the line is clear to see to that, and its annoying that even though they mucked up their gifted win, it then still bumped another SDWorx rider onto the podium, which was partly because of Paternosters ill luck, but also because DSM werent reacting to the race situation, I dont know why they didnt contest the intermediate sprint as theyve said post race their stage goal was to get Pfeiffer on the podium.

actually thinking about it that intermediate sprint was alot like the finish, as I wasnt wholly convinced Marjerus took that, as she rode to the line and kind of felt the job was done eased off, just as Paternoster found a gap by, and it took them a while to decide it, and they never showed the replay of it, because there are no cameras, its literally a race officials eyeball that does it.
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One of those pictures which is equal amounts of hilarity & sadness.
UCI published next year's WWT calender and Ride London have already quit, the UCI pushed the race back a week, whilst Ride London had already booked out the the last weekend of May with TfL/London etc.

Seems weird there was no discussion allowed for it, and rumours during the race they'd extended contracts for stage hosts, even knowing the UCI werent playing ball. and I'm sure it's to do with Tour of Britain, perhaps demanding more UCI wwt teams turned up which the two week gap wasn't conducive for. All the team DSM riders this year for instance returned to mainland Europe and then came back again.
Guazzini has won the first stage of the Tour des Pyrénées. I hope the race will go ahead without any safety issues this time around.

The start list is understandably not the best after last year's disaster, but the Aubisque MTF tomorrow should still be interesting. I had hoped to see Cavalli defend her title, but at this point I have no idea when we'll see her ride again.
rather smacks of 'we were looking for any excuse to get out of this contract et voila'
But as I say rumours on the ground were they'd signed up stage hosts for next year Ford really are only sponsoring the event because of the Classique, the Beeb were happy covering it.

It's kind of why would they be looking to get out of it? theyre in a far more stable position than BC with the Tour of Britain, and dropping the classique then undermines their whole event. I did think they went overboard with their volunteers for the race, they had them deployed around the course at every junction, instead of just the motorbike outriders blocking course access as the race came through.

But ignoring usual costs/profit/losses of these things, and the sportive really hasnt captured the popularity of the Surrey hills version, but sportives in general seem on a downward trajectory in the UK anyway.

With no race it's much harder to fund a closed road sportive