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Pog is hungry for more (yet again). After winning Flanders, Amstel Gold, Fleche, he is now coming to face Remco in LBL. It will be a battle we are all waiting for. Remco has beaten Pog in the WC race last year., not to mention he is the defending champion since he won LBL last year. Can the table be turnes?
Last year like mentioned it was Remco who won it by dropping everyone on the penultimate climb and the soloed to vitory.

Notable riders: Pogacar, Evenepoel, Alaphilippe, Healy, Powless, Landa, Mas, Bilbao, Gaudu, Chaves, Skjelmose, Hindley, Pidcock, Bardet, Ciccone, Marzinez, Cosnefroy, Lutsenkom, Mohoric


Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN.


Full startlist (not yet final):





Last 35 kms

I feel like it’s a coin flip between Evenepoel and Pogacar. I’m fine with either winning but season and career wise I think it’d be better for Evenepoel if he wins. Hopefully no one gets hurt and they leave it all on the road. If it is cold and/or raining will that give Pog a massive advantage?

The whole build up in the smaller races for this matchup, Giro, Tour and other matchups this year has felt like the ending narration of old Dragonball Z episodes of saying “next time on professional cycling”….
The course was changed compared to last year. They don't go all the way to the top of La Redoute, but take another road 400 m earlier. Two smaller climbs come between La Redoute and La Roche. Côte des Forges has been in it before.

That means La Redoute is now 1.6 km @ 9.4%. Last year it was 2 km @ 8.6%. So the steepest part is still in it. It's a debatable choice by the organizers, because the shorter distance and the two smaller climbs in between seem to make a decisive attack on La Redoute less likely. We'll see what it gives on Sunday.
Hard to gauge how strong Pogacar is climbing at this point, none of the guys he beat in AGR or FW are at Evenepoel's level imo.
Of course, it is dificult to know if this Pogacar is able to respond the brutal attack of Evenepoel at la Redoutte. Lot of questions to resolve, and 2 historic monsters face to face. The question is, looking at the parcours...if both of them go together alone...and considering Pogacar is a little bit faster...are they going to colaborate? I think the router now is good, but a little climb, just a 500 m at 5 % one, or even smaller, should be perfect. There are another good riders, of course..O was surpriding how good was Landa is a race like Fleche, not good for him, so if he has the day he will be there...but anyway yo beat this monsters he needs a dolomitic stage and to feel great .