Liège-Bastogne-Liège: October 4th, 2020

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Due to the insanity I did go find the last couple of Ks of the race to watch. Before Alaphilippe and Roglic crossed the finish line Horner was saying Alaphilipped needed DQed or regulated for that swerve.
Yes today's the worst, it's almost constant anxiety, although it's always been jumpy Julian lately every time he's in focus, he's just different. Just curious: was there ever any rider from the past with such mannerism?
He was doing the same thing for the last miles of the WC. He almost took himself out looking back while riding around a corner 3km from the finish. Way too much adrenalin in his system sometimes.
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I just wanna add that it's always funny to me, to hear commentators talk about how Alaphilippe is a tremendously great descender, when I remember how Mohorič schooled them on descent in Florence U23 world championship. (it's interesting to note, that on that occasion Matej also dropped Alaph on the hill, not just caught him on the descent).
(tbh really a great race to rewatch)
Back when almost none of us had any idea that Louis Meintjes would grow up to be Louis Meintjes.
Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe he needs to be on something. Namely, whatever it is people with ADHD takes to maybe calm down a little.

And I know there has never been any public statement about a diagnosis of any sort.
That's possible. I have no idea what medications people with that need. Yeah, I've never seen any public statement with that diagnosis, but have seen it suggested he has it. Which does fit.
We can just diagnose from afar... A friend of mine who usually knows me very well and who even has some kind of expertise once diagnosed me with Autism, totally overlooking my real issues. So diagnosing people is probably more a kind of sport itself...
But Alaphilippe already tries to adress his matter and does a lot of bike yoga during the races to calm down.