light wheels (<1500g), <1100£

Sep 6, 2021
I'm looking for an upgrade for my Tarmac SL4, currently running narrow Vision T30 13mm inner width! (weight is good, <1600g) wheelset.
I can't fit bigger tires than 25mm (chainstays are about 33-34mm wide, so 25mm with wider rim should still fit, but no space for bigger radius)
What's your tought on few available carbon clinchers in 900-1200GBP/Eur range ?

-Cero RC35 or RC50, super light, 1293-1399g, 930-940eur
-Hunt carbon 36 aero wide, 1417g, 1039e
-Speedsix quatro, 1430g, 935e

there are few others: DR Wheels 33, Speedsix evo 35 / 45.
or maybe I'll find some 1-2y old model in good shape.

Is 'aero effect' (40-50mm deep rim) worth extra 100g ? I try not to ride on flat (I try to have at least 1000m elevation for every 50km ridden) and I live in dry area

any thoughts? advices ? cheers !
Aug 25, 2020
You don't seem to say why you want to upgrade? The title seems to indicate you want lightweight carbon wheels but you say your curent Vision T30 weight is good, so is it not for lightweight needs? If you are not racing and don't really ride much on the flat, not sure if you need to worry too much about deep sections.
However if you want to upgrade I would suggest Caden wheels are well worth a look and if you take the 100Euro deCadence upgrade then 49mm wheels are just 1350g a pair for 1253 euros. If you really want lightweight then the 25mm are just 1190 grams a pair for 1230 euros.
They do come from Australia, I have a pair of the 25mm wheels and they are a top quality wheel.

Caden Carbon Wheels
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