Live Coverage Functionality totally flawed

Jul 10, 2009
I'm sorry but the TdF live update functionality is a total ABORTION!

None of the navigation links work; if you click on "latest" or "next page" it goes to a totally different day's racing. Also, on different pages the number of total pages changes and clicking individual pages goes to totally random reports from totally random stages.

Why did you implement this before the biggest race of the year?

Why was it not tested?

I know you wanted to co brand with Cyclingradar but why rush it in?

These IT guys are complete numpties - if the IT propellor-heads where I work tried to pull this they'd be out of a job. There was NO testing done, or they were not able to simulate a multi-stage tour in testing. If were a bank - it would be Lehman Bros.
Jul 6, 2009
The first time you click on a link in the live feed, it works, but then it is "frozen" to that. In other words, if you click on page 1 for the first time during Stage 2, but then click on page 1 again during Stage 5, it will show you the Stage 2 display as it was the first time you clicked on the page and cannot be updated. Same goes for Complete and Latest. It's really annoying.

I am using IE 7. I have no idea if it is a browser problem. Can someone with IE 8 or Firefox chime in on this?
Jul 7, 2009
Possible solution to live update problem

I also found that the live page is not updated automatically anymore (which I rather prefer due to spoiler danger). what I found though, is that if you are on page x and you have not read for a few minutes, it is better to click on the refresh button of your browser than the page x button again. Hope this helps!

Jul 5, 2009
I'm using Firefox and have no problems. I am guessing it is an IE7 issue. (insert comment disparaging MS products and suggesting you switch to a more compliant browser here)
Jun 15, 2009
We're telling your browser not to cache the page and it's still caching it.

I don't have IE7 in front of me but, to Tools -> Options and somewhere in there there is the option to make Internet Explorer "Check the page every time I visit" or something like that.

Or you could use Firefox (which listens to the "DON'T CACHE" directive we send with every live report page)

We're looking for a solution so you don't have to do either of the above, but IE is a difficult beast to tame and often does whatever it wants.