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Mikkel Bjerg and Freddy Maertens:

View: https://twitter.com/HoejMathias/status/1267007949052010502

Actually, I stumbled upon that myself and in my search of an image that could prove it I saw that someone else had seen it too and made a tweet.

Which was lucky as I still am too lazy to have learned how to post pictures here.
Lol, I just watched an episode of a Danish quiz show on cycling where Bjerg participated. He was on a team with Anders Mielke (the enthusiastic Eurosport reporter) who had to clue Bjerg in on some riders he had on a piece of paper. One of them was Roger De Vlaeminck and after Mielke had said a couple of things, Bjerg asked 'is it the guy who looks like me?' And then after, it was clarified that by that he did indeed mean Maertens.
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