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Teams & Riders Lotto Dstny Cycling Team

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anyone has access to this article?

basically the same article
Victor Campenaerts was mentioned at the startlist for Chrone des Herbiers but no result not even DNS or DNF?

Was he withdrawn from the startlist finally?
in his vlog last week Campenaerts only mentioned Paris-Tours as his last race of the season, so it probably was an old start list he was on there, when Lotto still saw a chance to escape relegation

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5k6f8-sV_M
Lotto Dstny develop team is official and they put Verschaeve who was in Wt back in it??
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I suspect he's already signed a WT contract with BEX.

Why would Lotto take him in if he already has contract with BEX lol. Absolutely no chance.

Lotto Dstny develop team is official and they put Verschaeve who was in Wt back in it??

This isn't a surprise. The team still believes in him but he needs time to recover from his million injuries. He can still ride pro races, just not the WT ones.
Seeing de Lie's schedule for 2023, any idea what Ewan's will look like?

Normally he used to do Tirreno to prepare for Sanremo, but the team isn't starting that one, and for PN (although not really suited to Ewan anyway, especially in bad weather) it's de Lie who is listed.
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Not a chance in hell Moniquet did 8w/kg.
Lots of those Strava weights are wrong (outdated) cause most riders don't use Strava to analyze their rides.

Conclusions you could make from their tests data is that Campenaerts numbers are pretty impressive (not new, he just can't do it after 200km anymore), Kron was the best on the 20" test, Van Eetvelt pretty good too (can do better tho, he's coming back from mononucleosis). No surprises tbh.

Anyways schedules were published today. Pretty weird to me that Eenkhoorn is focussing on the hilly classics and not on the flemish ones. I mean I get he dreams of Amstel, but he has no chance of coming close in FW and LBL.
For the ones interested in Van Eetvelts first season as a pro.

He'll start in Mallorca, then Haut Var (parcours is a bit meeh tho sadly), followed by some one day races (Ardeche, Drome, Laiguelia, Strade Bianche). Catalunya will be his first WT stage race. He'll also do the Ardennes followed by Romandie. Mercan Tour classic at the end of May and Suisse in June. Then if everything goes well he will prepare La Vuelta in Poland.

Will basically always be on Altitude when he's not racing between Catalunya and Poland.

Apart from being a little bit behind trainingwise, he's recovered well from having mononucleosis (which is believed to be the cause of his meeh performance at Worlds too).
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That’s quite a hard schedule for a first year pro, isn’t it?

Pretty comparable to what Ayuso did last season.

I don't think it's that incredibly hard. He is a first year pro, but he's not super young (older than Ayuso and De Lie for example) so you can't compare him to a guy like Uijtdebroeckx who came directly from juniors last season. It would be 63 racedays, which is normal for someone who does a GT, hard to have less tbh. He has pretty long rest periods (around a month) between those stage races so should be good.

It obviously sounds hard with 4 WT stage races, but I do think Romandie, Suisse and Poland are the ones it's possible to get a decent result in as a young climber who also has an ok TT.

Well obviously big chance he gets sick at some point in the year like everyone so I would be very surprised if this would've been his schedule at the end of the year.
Haut Var (parcours is a bit meeh tho sadly)
Just had a look, good god that's an awful route compared to last year and especially 2021 with the Blausasc queen stages.

Otherwise, seems like a schedule with a lot of opportunities for UCI points without sacrificing his development much (if at all). Results of course dependent on how fast he adapts + how well he can go on the biggest climbs, at least for all those WT stage races other than Poland.
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Just had a look, good god that's an awful route compared to last year and especially 2021 with the Blausasc queen stages.

Yeah it's horrible. I honestly think it's just going to be a reduced sprint and boni seconds that's going to decide the GC sadly.
Lotto probably (understandably) thought it would be again a race where climbers can make the difference and without lots of good riders.
Now they're sending Kron and Eenkhoorn to Ruta which will be decided on a real climb this time and Van Eetvelt to a race which seems to be more for puncheurs. Maybe they'll think about switching but I'm assuming they stick to their plans (which is also understandable).

He seems to be coming to the team at the right now, with them focussing way more on performance stuff and investing in Altitude camps (Van Eetvelt will do 3 this year).
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He has my complete approval and I was shook to the core by his initial decision, but Segaert was so adamant on wanting to do another year in the U23. However, now, not even a month into the season, he decides to go pro after all? What's up with that?

Nothing changes, he will still do the u23 races he was planning on doing. It's just because of the UCI points. Last season it didn't matter for Lotto cause he would not be in the top 10, but now the top 20 counts, and he will be in there at the end of the season. Last year he got 250 uci points from u23 races alone. All the points he gets now (in u23 or pro races) will count for the Lotto pro team now and not for the DEVO team (which doesn't need the points).

So only difference: a bit more money for Segaert (extra pro riders weren't possible last year, but they got a small new sponsor now) and his points will count for the pro team.

Same as Van de Paar btw. He got made pro 1 day before his 3rd place in Trofeo Palma.
It took them 10 years, but yesterday was the first pro race for the new TT bike.

Only Moniquet rode with it, as Van Eetvelt (for obvious reasons) and Eenkhoorn (sick I think) didn't start.