Low Carbs Intermittent Fasting Diet

Dr. James Morton - the head of nutrition at Team Sky - claims in a quite recent GCN video that based on "over thousand muscle biopsies" they have noticed that exercising in carbohydrate depleted state can enhance at least some adaptative mechanism of training such as mitochondria production.


There is also academic level interest on the idea and a few years ago a group of researchers made an academic inquiry on the mechanism and the results are dealt extensively in a doctoral thesis by Niklas Psilander and in a peer reviewed research paper (which isn't freely accessible):


The mechanism and theory do look interesting but one shouldn't jump directly and fully into the bandwagon of glycogen depletion training as there might be some shortcomings and limitations in the research. The authors of exercise physiology/nutrition blog Suppversity found a list of limitations in the research such as that "[w]e don't have any information on whether the increase in PGC1-alpha did even translate into an increase in mitochondrial biogenesis in the absence of adequate glycogen / ATP levels!), I want to reemphasize the scientists very hint that "[l]ongitudinal studies examining protein levels and performance are required" before it can be recommended to include this practice as a staple into your routine!". I think that even Dr. James Morton doesn't actually claim that they measured higher level of mitochondria, but only that the regulatory mechanisms were more active in the biopsies.

Oct 6, 2017
I think you should consult a dietitian for that. But for me, you should try having that diet and not doing a ride for at least a week or two.