Mallorca Challenge 26th - 30th of january 2022

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A pretty good performance by Albanese, he hasn't been climbing that well as a a pro. He could still become that one day racer that he was supposed to be when he turned pro.
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On paper, Modolo, Ackermann, Matthews, Kristoff, and Nizzolo all should be able to take the win.

Will be interesting… :)
Question is who's gonna get dropped when BEX (or one of those teams that don't really have a sprinter lined up) drills it at the front on that 8k mountain. It isn't that steep but 8k at 5% should definitely be enough to get some sprinters in throuble
So breakaway of today 140- Bizkarra, 227- Dens, 272- Vandevelde y 313- Colombo still have more than four minutes.

Israel (Nizzolo), Intermarche (Kristoff) and Bike Exchange (Matthews) are chasing in the peleton with one rider. In half an hour the decisive climb will start..
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