Mallorca Challenge 26th - 30th of january 2022

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The shorts are labelled CAPS even though they're shorts, not caps.
But at least it's written in all caps.

Is it Lotto Soudal or Soudal Lotto, or doesn't it matter?
It depends on where the race takes place. If it's in Belgium they're called Soudal Lotto, but if it's in another country it's Lotto Soudal (or maybe it's the other way around).

Also since Wellens is surely the captain, his name should be listed first.
I can understand why they might not want to broadcast all the races, but surely the weekend ones would make a lot of sense. Having to rely on Twitter updates is just a bit poor in this day and age. Being first televised, European pro race of the season would create a bit of buzz in itself.

Buchmann, Mas and Clarke are now alone at the front.
Seems like Goosens, McNulty, Wellens and Valverde got back.
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