Mallorca Challenge 30.01 - 02.02.2020

Very nice behaviour by Moschetti. I hadn’t realized that his low profile last year was because he was in bad crashes twice that disrupted his form. I had assumed he was just adapting to the WT level slowly. It will be interesting to see if he can kick on from this win this season.
So for today, Movistar (Soler, Valverde, Mas) and Bora (Buchmann, Majka, Kämna, Großschartner) are in the role as favorites.
But like yesterday everything can happen in the first race days of the season.. ;)
Nope, it's more him being the best murito rider in the world, lone remaining spanish big cycling star and organizers obsession with doing routes for him. If there were a rider like Contador, we would see a slightly different routes in spanish races.
All Italian races seem tailor-made for him as well. Most French races too. Tour Down Under as well.

I just think that's how you do non GT races...