manning up

May 30, 2010
all this complaining about the cobbles.....seriously...

its the tour DE france. france has with it guys.....the tour rewards the all rounder am i right?

I think it was a great idea bringing in the is a part of france as much as the alps and the perynees and the champs is......and its made for a better race this year.......

the guys....and imean this with respect and understanding of what they already go through....need to man up and do the tour de fance...warts and all
Jun 9, 2009
I like the cobbles in the TdF. Every fan I have spoken to does, too.

I feel bad for Frank Schleck, but I also feel bad for riders who crash on descents, suffer on climbs, or can't time trial.
Dec 18, 2009
When you end up with something like this (ouch!) after the cobbles I think you can be allowed to vent a little.

I know I'd be pretty frustrated with not only having my big goal of the season ruined but also getting a parting gift like that. As for whether cobbles should be in a GT or not - I don't really care either way. But I'm not going to fault Schleck for being upset, even if his point of view is not very objective.
May 24, 2010
While I thoroughly understand why Andy might be a bit sour after that day on the pave, what with losing his brother on that stage. He goes on to exhibit both sides of the coin. He later says in that same interview that while he didn't like the day on the pave, it did in fact, show that both he and Contador are more than just mountain climbers. And to me, that summed up both sides of the argument in one statement. It's just the way that the media framed his comment through their choice of headline, that it seemed as if he were only complaining about the day on the cobbles.
I think, like many of us, he realizes that this is a race to show off a riders abilities to cope with many variables. It's just that pave isn't his cup of tea.
I think in the end, that day released him from having to look over his shoulder to see where his brother was, for the rest of the race. And finally, by the 25th of July, he may be more annoyed that there have to be Time Trials in the Tour de France, than he is about the inclusion of cobbles.:cool:
May 6, 2009
Perhaps they should HTFU and ride Paris Roubaix, or so some of the smaller races like Het Volk, E3 and gain experience on the cobbles.
Weapons of @ss Destruction said:
Quote from Schlecklet at

"...for those who want to ride the cobbles there's Paris-Roubaix, but that's their choice. It shouldn't be in the Tour de France"

To which I respond that for those who don't want to ride the cobbles in the Tour de France, that's their choice since they can always opt for Austria and Qinghai Lake.


If schlecklet ends up winning the tour, and he has a very very good chance, (presuming its by under 1 minute, which it will be) people should replay that comment to him over and over. 5 km of cobbles have given him 6 times as big an advantage as he will get from 100 km of climbing.
Jul 11, 2010
craig1985 said:
Perhaps they should HTFU and ride Paris Roubaix, or so some of the smaller races like Het Volk, E3 and gain experience on the cobbles.

I would actually pay money to see all the skinny-@ssed little climbers do the classics. That would be hilarious.