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Maps of races

Sep 10, 2010
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Hi Guys

Just a suggestion - it would be so much better if you would post maps of stages/races, rather than just course profiles. The current Tour Down Under is an immediate example, but last year's TdF is another, and there are more.

It means one then has to trawl through the slow java script that always seems to run on the race organiser's website to find their maps, which sucks!

Otherwise, keep up the good work :)




some useful options

teamskyfans.com have stage maps, profiles and interactive google based maps for every race sky are involved in. For instance Tour down under> http://teamskyfans.com/tdu.html

Steephill.tv have race maps and profiles for most major races (world tour, classics and some others)

the trouble for regular sites like cn, is the maps are produced in such a variety of formats by organisers, image, pdf, google, and often not at all, that including maps in race previews is a bit of a job (especially when most people only care about the profile)