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Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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At least Cav's record attempt is going to bring a little 'folklore' to some otherwise uneventful transitional stages.

It's an extra dimension to sprints & a very welcome one from an entertainment perspective. Whether he succeeds or not is almost immaterial for neutral viewers, i.e. his personal quest is a great story in & of itself & that's good enough, win or lose.
I am surprised so much people start joking about Cavendish. What did you expect? Even during his best years he rode just against the time limit in those kind of stages. So of course he does this now also. Doesnt mean that he wont have a chance during the sprint stages and I'm convinced he will stay in time limit.
It's Cavendish, people's common sense and memory this is all relatively normal for Cav leaves them each July and it's one-trick pony this, too-old that. I mean Jakobson is with him who afaiwk hasn't got heat stroke so Cav can't be doing too bad he just dropped off the first climb sooner than other sprinters,
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having had head stroke myself once, theres no way you can hold a conversation like that if youve got it, its just as he says they know what theyre doing and they do the minimum required to get through stages like this, to the stages where he can compete.

if he wasnt going for this 35th stage, nobody would be focussing in on it this much at all, just like theyve completely ignored Jakobsen rode with him all day long.
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