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Mark Padun- Made it Ma, Top of the world

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King for one weekend in June 2021. God I love this sport
It was really, really funny though I have to say, a memorable piece of the absurd history of cycling. The second time he did it is often overlooked, he rode in the breakaway all day then dropped a flailing VIngegaard off at the bottom of Joux Plane (who would then podium the tour), dedicating his win 'To Jesus!' after the stage.

Bahrain robbed us all of some carnage by not sending him to The Tour, but I suppose even Milan Erzen himself couldn't justify the level of outrage at the time.

He will be at the Giro and wants to win again.

"When he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice, “Come forth, Marcus.”
What happened to this dude? At Corratec now apparently and they are not even invited to the Giro?? Is he just gonna be forgotten about, or are we gonna see another epic Padun weekend at Tirreno Adriatico or the Tour of the Alps? Or maybe even the Italian classics; I can see him falling into complete obscurity and then randomly winning Lombardia from the break from nowhere!!
He's just gearing up for a monster performance from the break on Saturday! Will be hitting 7 W/kg

The real question is will Froome beat Cav?
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Padun update, almost 3 years to the day he dropped one of the best climbing displays of the last 10 years;


What a bizarre trajectory, it appears he has given up on cycling. There is a hell of a story to tell one day.