Matej Mohoric: Junior & U-23 world champ

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The problem I see is also he often has to work for others, so he rarely even gets the chance to go for himself, even when he wants to.

For his recent win in the Giro he said he had to get approval from the team/Pozzovivo to go in the attack, they may have also said no, we need you fresh etc. I guess that's why the world champs suits him the best, he can really go all in for himself.
When he got dropped by a better climber on the hill, he always came back on the descent. It was pretty amazing to watch; most riders who gets dropped on a climb will get caught by the chasing peloton but not in Mohoric's case. xD
Not the season i expected. Tour and autumn he didn’t perform well. But he’s still young. Hopefully he’ll shine next season.
I think he's a decently talented rider, but not the consistent top level rider he was expected to become. He's still young, but he's also the same age as van der Poel, van Aert, to name a few. He's a fun guy to watch and a dangerous outsider, good to have in the mix. But either he's a late bloomer (which kind of contradicts his results as a junior and U23) or we shouldn't expect him to become a dominant force all year long.
Fun and good rider who generally you will always see him in his races unlike some who you spot for the first time on the results sheet.

Doesn’t have a big winning card like a sprint or explosive hill climb burst to win a large volume of races but he could easily win a big classic if things fall in his favour on the day
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Mohorič is more of a rouleur than a puncheur IMO. He has nice engine in rolling but not hilly terrain. Tend to struggle when it gets too steep.

As a poster mentioned before, Poggio is really the perfect climb for him. Both the ascent and descent. Should focus on MSR and the Flemish classics instead of the Ardennes and other hilly races.
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