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Teams & Riders Matteo Jorgenson has now outclassed his peers from the Chambery-system

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Could the thread also be reverse engineered to add Geoffrey Bouchard (1992) Romain Bardet (1990) and all the way back through team history to Cyril Dessel and Jean-Patrick Nazon to the origins of the Chazal team/implosion of RMO (Vincent Lavenu, Thierry Claveyrolat), and maybe through the history of impossibly-French-sounding names in cycling back to Hippolyte Aucouturier..?

Stop being ridiculous. Bouchard made his way to AG2R after grinding it out on the French amateur scene, whilst all the riders mentioned in the title have come through the Chambery feeder-team.

I’d say the current rider in the system most likely to be another candidate for this thread title is Valentin Paret-Peintre, but with the dearth of U23 and junior races last year the scene is even harder to assess than usual.
He beat Paret-Peintre today. Just saying.
Got beat by Vansevenant by half a minute though. Unfortunately, he's not in the topic title.

On a more serious note, i think he's going to be a force to be reckoned with, but i don't think it will be as a GC rider. I think he might be a good hilly classics guy. I also think he's reasonably fast in a sprint. In l'Avenir he completely blew up in the last two days. Before that, he had a shot at a podium spot.
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Don't forget he also had a hard crash yesterday. Considering that and no idea what he was even capable of on a climb like this, I think he did well. He's still learning and being American he likely still needs a little more development than what many European and Latin Americans have at this point. He's also said that he still has a lot to learn about stage racing and how to prepare for stage races vs 1 day races where he's currently more comfortable. With Matteo and Ivan Cortina Movistar could put together a very nice classics team with these two as leaders. One of Matteo's goals for this season (which he stated) is to get consistently good finishes and prove to the team he can be relied on for high finishes and prove they made the right choice in taking a chance on him. The team appears very happy with his result today.
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Swedish names usually also has the double "ss" instead of just one s.

It is never an ö in "son" at the end. It is before if it is in the name.

And son literally means "son" in swedish too. That is where the surname derives from back in the day. If the fathers name was Erik. The sons surname would be Eriksson. Like Eriks son. Hence the double ss. Now they dont make surnames like that no more. The family name just continues.
At least here in Denmark, you are still allowed to take your father's first name to use it for the son's surname (and likewise with daughters). It is used in some families, but it's rare.
With Champoussin's recent progression, it has to be a little disheartening that the only topic title with his name in it, has it spelled incorrectly and isn't even about him.
Let's see if he earns his own topic the next few months.

After his nice top GC top 10 at Paris-Nice he said after the race that his next race is Coppi e Bartali.

I thought he might race Milan-San Remo next, but doesn't sound like they're sending him to that one this year.
Still not sure he's a GC rider, but this week was very good.

Coppi/Bartali will be interesting. Jorgenson, Vansevenant, Leemreize, Foss, Van Wilder... almost a Tour de l'Avenir 2019 line-up.
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Still not sure he's a GC rider, but this week was very good.

Coppi/Bartali will be interesting. Jorgenson, Vansevenant, Leemreize, Foss, Van Wilder... almost a Tour de l'Avenir 2019 line-up.

Let's give him some time to develop and see where he's at. He said his goal for this year is to get consistently good results. For a 21 year old that is developing this is a good result. I'd like to see him go to the Ardennes again.