Matti Helminen: 2 years for EPO

Dec 21, 2010
He obviously didn't learn that Finn's don't like dopers after the 2000 Lahti FIS World Championships debacle, with the Finnish X-Country team leaving their plasma expander in the gas-station toilet....

Another one to add onto the Fat Idiot Masters dopers list:rolleyes:
Nastyy said:
According to more reliable sources than Iltasanomat, it's not EPO. Apparently it's just too much Probenecid. Probenecid is used as a medicine to treat gout. Allowed amount of Probenecid is 0,5 ng while Helminen had 0,6 ng.

This was just confirmed, I take it. Banned until August 4th 2014.

In this world of smoke and mirrors a straight ole pop for Edgar sounded a bit perplexing, TBH.
Sep 29, 2012
Tested positive in May. Suspended in August. Simply: WTF.

From a blog post of 2004:

First of all, it should be pointed out that probenecid is now used so rarely in modern general practice that there is no licensed version of the tablets available either in Ireland or in the UK. As a practising community pharmacist for over 12 years I have NEVER seen a case where probenecid has been prescribed. Colleagues working in Australia and Canada concur that a similar usage rate exists in their countries also."