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McQuaid clan comments on Irish forum

Mar 11, 2012
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And let's not forget to hear again Ann McQuaid and feel sorry for her misfortune because she was personally affected by the dishonesty of the peloton when in 1998 I was a publisher of a number of cycling magazines, including the Official Guide of the Tour de France. We had invested heavily in the Guide that year, producing English, French, German and even an Irish language edition to celebrate the Tour's Grand Départ in Ireland. When the Festina affair hit the fan it had a huge impact on our sales and we lost a lot of money that year which eventually put us out of business. So I could easily feel that the greed and dishonesty of the riders played no small part in costing me my livelihood.


and Paul's business class teaches us Anything any McQuaid ever achieved in cycling, be it in the sporting or business end of it was achieved through hard work, a love for the sport and a certain level of intelligence.

God love them.