Jun 16, 2009
Dear Members,

About 7 or 8 months ago one of you came up with a very clever scoring system that showed which riders were the best. It consisted of awarding winners of Classics 3 points, 2 points for second and one point for third. GT were also included in this fashion. I'm not sure if stage wins were included (I doubt it). If you recall this could you please post it again? I wish I would have saved it. Merckx was of course in the lead but Boonen was closing in from 5th position. I was wondering with the surge that Gilbert has had, how those standings look now. Thank you for your time,

Apr 1, 2009
Can't remember that one, but I do remember a similar scoring system at another cycling forum.

Tour win 10 points
Giro win 5 points
Vuelta win 3 points
Tour 2nd 3 points
Tour 3rd 1 point
Giro 2nd 2 points
Giro 3rd 1 point
Vuelta podium 1 point
Worlds RR 5 points
Monuments (MSR, RVV, P-R, LBL, GDL) 4 points
Classics (GW, AGR, FW, CSS, ZM, P-B, P-T) 2 points
"Big" stage races (Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, Tour of the Basque Country, Tour de Romandie, Volta a Catalunya, Dauphine, Tour de Suisse) 2 points
Smaller stage races & stage wins at GTs (Portugal, Algarve, Coppi e Bartali, etc) 1 point
Also, there were points awarded for jerseys at various GTs, but I can't remember the allocation.

I believeMerckx scores over 200 points this way.
Jun 16, 2009
Swede1 said:
Tour win 1.0x10^100 points
All other races are worth 1 point :D
can only assume that 'tour' is short-hand for Tour de France? The tour of california for example is worth about 0.001 points.