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Meridiana Kamen Team - Second Croatian CT - Salvatore Commesso In

Aug 12, 2009
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I will translate one text from todays local newspapers in Croatia...

Pazin - After Loborika in 2009, new formed team "Meridiana Kamen Team" is second continental team in Croatia.

Two teams, italian "Meridiana" and Croatian "Puris Kamen Pazin" in 2010 will ride together as one.

This is confirmed by Vinko Poloncic from Croatian team.

Vinko Poloncic and Ivica Grzinic will be in charge for croatian side of the team and Giancarlo Mazza and Antonio Giallorenzo for italian side.

"Meridiana Kamen Team" in year 2010 allegedly will have 16 riders. 7 from ex "Puris Kamen": Marko Ivancic, Bruno Radotic, Danijel Bajlo, Juraj Ugrinic, Marin Andelini, Boris Legovic and Mauro Hrastnik.

The big name from italian side of the team is 34 years old, two time italian champion Salvatore Commesso.

Others are: Aurelio Passeron, Olegs Melehs, Mariano Giallorenzo, Nicola D'Andrea and Stefano Usai.

Other three names will be confirmed soon by italian side.

All together first trainings are scheduled after New year in south Italy in city Salerno or in north-west Italy in Liguria.

First races in 2010: "Giro di Sicilia" and "Giro di Sardegna"

Last years "Puris Kamen" best rider, very talented Luka Grubic is made a move to italian U23 team "Team Bibanese"
Mar 19, 2009
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not the zadar diks :S my good friends i sibenik tell me that sibenik has one of the best cycling clubs in croatia, maybe its onlyt youngs guys they have though....

I think you should keep us up to date with good old cro cycling.