Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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The shape is there if you can win Burgos - You are making up tales to support your false narrative that Landa did not prepare for GC at the 2021 Vuelta.
Bruh, calm down. I'm just saying that he was injured the whole year so he didn't have the best preparation for the Vuelta, that's it. Landa is an amazing rider so for sure he can win races even when he's not at his best.
Given that he was 3rd in a very favourable Giro where Almeida and Bardet got sick I think he won‘t repeat the podium in this Vuelta, somewhere between 5th and 8th is more likely
The usual under appreciation of Hindley’s win. In fact Bardet would not have beaten Hindley sick or not. I also don’t see how Almeida would have minimised losses sufficiently on the Fedaia.