Jul 2, 2009

I'm going to Morzine for stage 8 of this years Tour. Never been to a mountain stage so looking forward to seeing the mountain top finish. Anyone ever been to Morzine, got any tips/advice of where to get best vantage point? Would I be best to go down the mountain a bit away from the finish to catch a good look at the riders/action?

Aug 17, 2009
Would have to check where it is finishing so cant be too specific.
Generally best advice get there very early (like before 12:00) within the last km it is hard to see with the crowds and atmosphere no better than further up the course. Bring water something to sit on and mark your territory well. If you are in an area with a bit more space you get a better view and will enjoy it more. If it is closer to the end and you are tight for space dont be polite in protecting your spot no-one else is. It is more fun if you bring your bike too get an appreciation of how hard the climb is. Parking is a challenge there are some spots in the backstreets police are reasonably flexible but dont park over driveways and be prepared to walk a fair way